Top Rated Restaurants In Wichita

Redrock Canyon Grill

1844 N Rock Rd – 14 mins

This classic Wichita restaurant is located in the Bradley Fair shopping center. Specials include calamari, spinach artichoke dip, BBQ pork ribs, the chicken enchilada platter, key lime pie and more. Hours are Mon-Thur 5pm-10pm, Friday 5pm-11pm, Saturday 11am-11pm and Sunday 11am-9pm.

Georges French Bistro

4618 E Central Ave #50 – 8 mins

George’s serves an array of dishes from Mediterranean, European, Hispanic, Italian and more. Enjoy lyonnaise-style pork, barramundi, striploin, panzanella, crepe jossenlin, crème brulee, raspberry mouse and other delicious eats. Hours are Mon-Thur 11am-10pm, Fri-Sat 11am-11pm and Sunday 10am-2pm.

Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen

11711 E 13th St N – 17 mins

Cheddar’s has something for everyone, adults, kids, individuals and families. Dig into appetizers, soups, salads, chicken, steak, baby back ribs, seafood, comfort food, scratch burgers, sandwiches and desserts. Stop in Mon-Thur 11am-10pm, Fri-Sat 11am-11pm and Sunday 10:30am-10pm.

Bella Vita Bistro

120 N West St #2 – 11 mins

Bella Vita Bistro provides a romantic and intimate Italian atmosphere that’s perfect for dates. Food is served Mon & Sat 5am-9pm, Tues-Fri 11am-2pm & 5pm-9pm.

Bonefish Grill

10250 E 13th St N – 15 mins

Stop in to Wichita’s local seafood destination. Enjoy shrimp caprese dip, wild alaskan sockeye salmon, rockfish and redfish. Service hours are Mon-Thur 11am-10pm, Fri-Sat 11am-11pm and Sunday 10am-9pm.